About James Middlewood

After completing his bachelor’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy James Middlewood went on to study Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and herbalism in Sydney.

James started his clinical practice in Sydney in 2016. Since then, he furthered his experience and knowledge learning from Dr Daniel Weber how to use botanicals to improve quality of life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients. James has broad experience in treating chronic and acute diseases. He has a special interest in mental health, and gastrointestinal diseases and botanical oncology.  

When he is not seeing patients, James provides support to fellow practitioners helping with patient diagnosis and treatment plans. 

James is available for online or in person consultations by appointment. 

Qualifications and Training 

  • Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 
  • Bachelor of Human Change and Counselling from Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney
  • Biometric Pathways in Breast Cancer – Dr Daniel Weber , 2020
  • Botanicals and Chemotherapy – Dr Daniel Weber, 2020
  • Neurological Disorders – Dr Daniel Weber, 2020
  • Integrative Psyche – Dr Daniel Weber, 2020
  • Diabetes a Global Overview – University of Copenhagen, 2017
  • Biology of Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Prostate Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Cancer metastasis  – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • The Gut Microbiome and Spectrum of Diseases – Dr Daniel Weber 2017
  • Bacteria and Chronic infections – University of Copenhagen, 2016
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Health and Disease Prevention from University of California – 2014
Association Memberships
  • AHPRA