There are many plant substances that can help dementia

I found a comprehensive review of plant substances , otherwise known as phytochemicals and it is open access so you can read the whole article for free.

I said in a previous post there are many safe plant based options for helping relieve symptoms of dementia. Whilst some critiques say there is still  a lack of good quality evidence, there is evidence never the less.

Here is a list of three of the phytochemicals that are being prescribed to treat dementia and have been subjected to various degrees of scientific tests/trials.  There are many other chemicals listed in this article but most of those have less evidence to support their potential and also some of these are not available in Australia so I stuck with ones we can use here.


Huperzine A

EGCG (Green Tea Extract)

In addition to this list I recommend

Gingko , Ginseng – Rg2

I will prescribe a formulation and or a combination of products. I recommend formulas for the same reason I  recommend combinations. It is more effective than just taking single herb because you will be  attacking the complex disease from multiple angles.

Open Access Article can be found here.

Natural Phytochemicals in the Treatment and Prevention of Dementia: An Overview
Rosaliana Libro, Sabrina Giacoppo, Thangavelu Soundara Rajan, Placido Bramanti and Emanuela Mazzon *


For other herbs I mentioned the research available on pub med






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