Herbal Antibiotics – A safe, effective and important support to eliminate resistant bacteria when antibiotics fail.

Herbal Antibiotics – A safe, effective and important support to eliminate resistant bacteria when antibiotics fail.
Are you finding your GP more reluctant to prescribe your antibiotics? Here, the Australian government is working hard to reduce prescriptions of antibiotics because it is  very concerned about the antibiotic resistant bacteria. Now a single course of antibiotics can fail to treat a common infection like golden staph and multiple courses may be required.
In hospitals it is estimated that 30% of infection are now resistant and a single course of antibiotics no longer work.  All over there world there are cases of people dying from resistant bacteria infections  and since 2014 a million people around the world have died of antibiotic resistant bacteria infections.
Plants provide an alternative 
Plants have  natural defences to protect themselves against attacks from unfriendly bacteria , viruses  and fungi.  Without a means to kill these harmful invaders  the plant would be overrun and perish.
Traditional medicine has used the antibacterial , anti-fungal and anti-viral  properties of plants for more than 3000 years.
The advantage plants have over antibiotics is they eliminate the resistant bacteria and do not destroy your good bacteria in the process.
This makes plant herbal antibiotic formulas ideal for children and a useful adjunct for reoccurring infections that have been treated by several courses of antibiotics.
I use practitioner only broad spectrum herbal antibiotic from Panaxea,  an Australia natural medicine company. This formula is  manufactured to TGA standards so it is of high quality and potency as well as being free of chemical toxins and dangerous levels of metals. Contact me for more information.

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