Are you still feeding your family margarine ? Time to switch to butter

Butter  has many benefits for your health and if you still believe the hyperbole that margarine is more healthy and butter is bad than you are still buying into out-dated health advice based on weak and questionable scientific theories. Here’s some reasons to return butter to your fridge and give it to the whole family.

  1. Butter contains healthy fats which help raise HDL (the good cholesterol )
  2. Butter in modest amounts will not make you put on weight or increase your risk of heart attack
  3. Butter has anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Butter contains vitamins A, E and K2


Grass fed butter is best , but any real butter is a wiser option than margarine. For one thing margarine contains emulsifiers and emulsifiers kills the good bacteria in your gut , which is not what you want for your growing children who need the bacteria for a healthy digestion and strong immunity.



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