About botanical medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the culmination of experimenting with thousands of plants (botanicals) , and to some extend animal and minerals, over millennia. These days due to the cruel farming practices, illegal hunting most animal parts are banned in Australia.

The early Master herbalists treated complex diseases by combing botanicals to create unique formulations for their patient and formulations and combinations evolved over time as the Chinese learnt more about disease.

Today science is revealing how plants heal our bodies. There are thousands of scientific papers that explore the affects of a plant by analysing the affects of the many compounds found in a plant part (root, leaf, bark, rhizome, flower, stem). Certain compounds in plants have been found to have drug like effects and these compounds are sold as supplements for health. A few examples being Curcumin , Berberine, and 5-HTP.

What botanical medicine can do

Compounds in plants have so many biological affects and medicinal properties. here’s just a few: –

Fight bacterial , viral , fungal and parasites!

Stop Diarrhoea and improve gut motility

Calm the nervous system

help generate energy

Relieve pain

help mood

provide relief of menopausal symptoms

Aid fertility

modulate inflammation